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We’ve been in the security and surveillance business for over ten years, and all this while, building, perfecting and growing our own A.I. technology for our security systems. It has now been over 10 years of R&D, improvements and next-level integration that has made our A.I. the smartest security solutions for factories, warehouses and sometimes, homes.

Through intensive research and development, we have formulated a way to prevent crimes before it happens. With the help of our A.I., we are able to effectively reduce the rate of false alarm by 98% – allowing us to maintain our 100% police arrival rate.

UU Security will continue to work on our craft and deliver best-of-class surveillance at an affordable price. Our priority is to keep improving the security features and quality in our service. You can rest assure that your assets, premises and loved ones are well protected in the hands of UU Security.

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