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1. How does your system work?

Live video surveillance through CCTV is filtered by our A.I. – which identifies potential break-ins or hazards through previous data in the system and also monitors all possible break-ins or hazardous scenarios. After alerts are detected, our operators assess the situation to ensure zero false alarms.

2. What do you mean by ‘zero false alarm’?

Our A.I. is able to identify potential threats – which will be verified by our operators before contacting the authorities. This is to distinguish threats from many non-threatening situations – usually passers-by, visitors and even animals.

3. What is the difference between UU Security and other security companies?

With our A.I.- supported live feed CCTV, we identify potential threats, and through our A.I.V.S system, we are able to deter crime before they happen, as compared to the conventional magnetic trigger system – which can only detect intruders once they enter the premise.

4. Why should I trust UU Security to protect my property?

With more than 10 years of experience, we have earned the trust of big corporations such as Ajinomoto, Wah Chan, ECS, KIA, and many more to be under our protection.

5. How are the two plans different?

For the Secure Plan, video surveillance is only activated after working hours. The Ultimate Plan offers 24 hours surveillance for high-risk businesses.

6. Which is the better plan? How do I decide?

It depends on the nature of your business, the type of premise, and the overall stock value. For warehouses, we would recommend the Ultimate Plan while the Secure Plan suits office-type premises. But do contact us for a quick presentation so that you’ll have a better understanding and so that we would be able to also recommend what’s more suitable for you. (Contact Us)

7. Is your service expensive?

Compared to conventional security guards, and having obsolete technology, our system is highly affordable with higher efficiency. Please refer to the price comparison here.

8. In case of a break-in, do you cover the damage cost?

We solely provide security solutions for your premises. We do not cover any cost of damages or loss.

9. What if your control center is experiencing a blackout?

Our control center is equipped with a strong and greatly-reliable backup generator.

10. Will UU Security System affect my Wi-Fi service?

Your Wi-Fi service will not be affected as UU Security System uses a direct network cable to plug into your router for the connection.

11. Will UU Security System affect my existing internet?

Our system will not affect the existing connection because we will only require the connection after working hours. However, it is best to have a dedicated Internet line for our service by plugging into the existing router to reduce traffic.

12. How do I know if there’s a system malfunction?

UU Security Supervisors will instantly inform the owner if there’s a system malfunction. Once we detected the alert signal in our devices; troubleshooting will be done by our technical supervisors.

13. What kind of equipment do I need to use for UU Security?

Our A.I. can connect to most of the available CCTV brands in the market. However, we strongly advise our users to sign up for the 3 years contract to enjoy our complimentary CCTV equipment without extra charges.

14. Can I get a replacement if my camera breaks down?

Contact our control center to report the issue. We’ll get our technical team to head over for a replacement.

15. Can I use UU Security for my home?

Yes. UU Security is suitable for all premises such as residential, offices, and factories.

16. How do I know if the system I’m using is compatible with UU Security?

Submit your purchased CCTV system invoice to us or you can snapshot the model of DVR and Cameras and send it to us at 1700-8181-87

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